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1. Introduction of Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium

The environment is never static
There is a constant change every second
The dynamics is due to change in the energy distribution
There is a constant change in energy distribution in the physical and biological world
Chemistry is what we are at present
The chemical mechanism inside our body and those in other creatures is very precise and accurate These chemical reactions are time bound
Some are very fast and some are very slow
Every chemical reaction is not eternal and endless
Once the final resultant of the chemical reaction happens the reaction ceases to perform any further
For a chemical reaction to cease the chemicals for the reactions to work together and give the resultant output
There is a transformation wherein the chemicals reaction
Elements before a reaction change in their composition during reaction
The final output is the cause of the reaction
Balancing is an act of nature
No event remains unbalanced and this is true in chemical reactions
All chemical reactions are balanced and in equilibrium

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