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1. Introduction

The fundamental element is an atom.
Atoms join together within same element or with other element top form molecules.
Atom has atomic weight and a unit volume.
The molecukles within same element too has molecular weight and volume.
The molecules between different elements too have molecular weight and violume.
The elements before a chemical reaction are known as reactants.
After chemical reaction the resultants are known as thye product.This chemical reaction is studies by chemist with interest.
The process of reaction where in the reactants come togethet reacts and produces the product has been studies by many experiments.
The outcome is the Five Laws of Chemical Combination.

Five Laws of Chemical Combination

Law of Conservation of Mass
Law of Definite proportion or Law of Constant Composition
Law of Multiple Proportions
Law of Reciprocal Proportions
Gay Lussac’s Law of Combining Volumes

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